The project

Over the last years, consumers have become increasingly demanding in the foods and beverages they consume, no longer worrying exclusively about the nutritional and organoleptic profile, but paying more attention to the ingredients that are added to those products. This way, there is a need for producers to reinvent themselves to meet the new market demanding and the new consumer profile as well.

The Bio4Drinks' mission is to train producers so that they can create beverages minimizing the use of artificial products, based exclusively on the use of natural products with a low impact on health.


One of the main key points of the Bio4Drinks project is based on the valuation of by-products from the agri-food industry, which currently have none or a residual market value.

The chestnut production industry, nowadays, essentially uses only the fruit as a business base and throughout the process, various by-products are obtained that have plenty of interest for other applications in new products.


Extracts of chestnut by-products can contribute to the sustainability of this industry, by developing new applications in order to enhance the biological potential of these products


The replacement of artificial products by natural ones, minimizes on a larger scale the impacts already known on the human health. This way is promoted an increase of new consumers for wine and beer that other way these kind of beverages were almost forbidden to them.